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14 days click to door from netherlands to USA east coast, would have been 9 days but customs was so slow kept it for 5 days. 1 of these perfectly shaped perfectly dosed pure cLam. my mice LOVE them and so do all the little mices !

I alsso take 2 alrazolam 2mg daily and 16 mg of bupe daily, no interaction

hope this helped this guys legit, check me out BootL3gK1ng

Look forward to my next order!



Hi Gail! we are so happy to hear that you loved our products! We strive to deliver the best customer experience, and it makes our day to hear we have accomplished that. Thank you again. We appreciate you!
Potent for sure!

Was 6 pellets short but they did the job. Be careful with these things. Also tried to order more but transferwise doesn't seem to be an option to use to pay anymore, which kind of sucks i cant seem to figure out how to use the other payment options. Would love to order more but i need some help with the payment options i guess- its a little confusing. Other than that took almost 20 days to arrive but not a big deal for me. Why cant i use transferwise anymore?! Thanks for reading.

Good stuff

I take back what I wrote the other month. They are very potent, must've been too fucked up to realise


this is a very good shop! no matter how long I had to wait and no matter how my comments were in the waiting time, it was worth it. got 70 instead of 50 pellets.
Thank you so much !

Ok I spoke too soon I had a third email from ivor

Axtually asking for the blockchain and all I sent it once before. I think there email just needs some refining I sent em the copy of all nice thing about bitcoin I suppose so screw it im gonna try a clonaz order wint mess with anything except direct crypto transfer I can risk 100 more. I really think there just overwhelmed or something seems. And expect about a 3 day or so time but that has already gotten faster I mean it's only 100 bucks there new and etiz is really dry hard to get so I will order another 50 clonaz pills just to find out for everyone here once and for all. I'll update ordering the 50 or whatever right now

Hello Matt! Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. I’m very sorry we failed to meet your expectations. We would appreciate another chance to earn your business and resolve the issue asap. Please contact our team soon : Thank you!

Clonazolam 0.5mg Pellets

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It's a very potent material, surpassing most benzodiazepines. Due to its potency and strength, it's frequently been connected with memory loss as well as unfamiliarity. Those risks exist with all drugs in the course, but the method individuals utilize clonazolam makes it more probable they'll run into trouble.

Clonazolam is a research study chemical (RC) benzodiazepine. Though it was synthesized in the 1970s, it was never given the market and it has only been used as an RC since the mid-2000s.

Many of the issues with the drug can be criticized for inappropriate dosing. Individuals believe the typical dosage is higher than it is as well as suppliers sell items that are also strong. If you stick to a real light/common dose, a lot of the major issues won't apply. is your best vendor for Clonazolam!

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  • Why can't I use visa. Why Amazon how it work.


    Thank you for your interest.

    So sorry for the late reply.

    We had a slight payment transaction issue last week.

    Have you tried to order again and pay?

    Let me know if I can be of any help.

    Thanks for your patience!

    Margaret - Support

  • there is no more drop down, and only 5 qty is available per bag. How can I order larger qty such as 100?

    It was a bug, fixed now!

  • how many pellets per bag. or if it varies how many in the smaller bag available?? Do you take debit cards yet

    You choose the number of pellets per bag yourself, using the pulldown selector.
    Cards can be used through TransferWise. All detals become available after you place your order

  • Hi. on July 3rd I made order# RCD2081 and it was for 100mg etizolam powder and for 30 clonazolam. I only recieved the powder, which was great, but there was no clon at all, not even one. My package was not opened in any way and arrived in the same condition as always. I paid the extra money for tracked shipping and would appreciate it if you can please send me the rest of my order. I have been a repeat customer and am now scared to make another order. Clonazolam is legal in my state and there would be no reason to not receive them. Please help, as I have emailed a few different of your email address without any reply for a month now. I always paid for tracked shipping on all my order, but one, just for cases such as this. Thank you very much for your time and help.. I love this company and would hate to lose the trust I had with you. Again.. it was order # RCD2081.. Thank you..

    See order RCD2602

  • last two orders i placed with you about nearly two months ago never turned up £46 all together for nothing to turn up,and also the last package i did recieve should of been etizolam pellets and etizolam 25mg blotter turned up which done absolutley nothing and had blue splodges over them, very dissapointed. im worried about making another order as customer service is non existent and dont want to lose £50 again.order numbers were RCD1564 and RCD1565

    Thats strange, maybe customs has en eye on you. 
    Are you sure the address in your profile is correct?

    Please mail

  • Is it okay to order from Canada?

    Yes, see our shipping policy

  • I ordered clonazolam, but I live in California, USA. I just read your Q.A. after paying the invoice It says--- "Do u ship to the us? No, US is in forbiden country list for Clonzaolam. See Freedom for more" ---- I was allowed to select my state and everything, I didn't bother to read the Questions and Answers until later. Will my order still be sent to me? Thanks.

    Yes, please read our shipping policy.

  • Do you ship to France ?

    Yes, see our shipping policy

  • Ship to uk?

    Yes, please read our shipping policy.

  • Do u except debit cards

    Update: yes!

  • Do u ship to the us?

    Yes, see our shipping policy

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