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Love rcdiscount

Theres a pricing error where 5 tabs is 12 euro but 10 tabs is 48 euro? Already ordered 2 packs of 5 separately, so missed out on my discount:(

Hello, Please email us regarding your concern. Thank you for your business!

Good product, I would like to see more products like this but overall, very happy

Not what I expected

It's pretty cool when you find a company that does what they say they do. Y'all are definitely getting a shout out from me! Great service. Great product. You suck at emailing, but hey, sometimes you're the bug, sometimes you're the windshield. I will use you again. And again!

Working on that, check the last newsletter.. growing pains I guess. Thanks for sticking with us!
It really works

Subject seemed to receive a dream like state at a very small dose.



Isopropylphenidate Hydrochloride 25mg capsules (IPH/IPPH/IPPD)

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Isopropylphenidate (also known as IPH, IPPH, and IPPD) is a synthetic stimulant of the piperidine chemical class that produces stimulating, motivating, and focus boosting effects when administered. It really is a structural analog from the widely-prescribed ADHD medication methylphenidate and is reported to produce near-identical cognitive and physical effects, albeit with less of a euphoric "rush" component and a drawn-out duration of action, properties that lots of find preferable for use being a study-aid or productivity enhancer.

Isopropylphenidate has been investigated for its potential use as a replacement for methylphenidate in the treatment of ADHD and related disorders. One study found that it displayed the same basic activity as a norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor (NDRI), possessing, along with methylphenidate and ethylphenidate, an appreciably high affinity for the dopamine transporter and effects on its cellular reuptake. It displayed comparably minor effects on norepinephrine, however, which was theorized to mean it may own a more desirable safety and toxicity profile.

Isopropylphenidate has an extremely short history of recreational use in humans and has yet to be documented offered on the streets. It was primarily released following the banning of ethylphenidate, which in April 2015 became against the law in Britain following a temporary-then-permanent blanket ban. Shortly after, it became made available for sale on the online gray market as a research chemical for global distribution.

As of 2017, isopropylphenidate continues to remain available and ambiguously legal in many parts of the world, distributed almost exclusively by online research chemical vendors. is your best vendor for Isopropylphenidate/IPH/IPPH/IPPD.

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Propan-2-yl 2-phenyl-2-(piperidin-2-yl)acetate, Isopropylphenidate, IPH/IPPH/IPPD

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propan-2-yl 2-phenyl-2-(piperidin-2-yl)acetate

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  • How large a quantity can I get? Why is it offering a much lower amount at this time? My last order was for 100. What's up?

    There was a bug, you can select larger packets again. In your shopping cart, you can also order multiple by changing the amount.

  • I would like to purchase a larger amount of 25 mg iph than you have listed. Not a lot larger, just 100.

    You can order 10x the 10 pack (can change amounts in the shopping cart). Best to mail first to arrange a bulk discount.

  • Can you not choose the amount of capsules you want anymore?

    There was a bug, the selection pulldown is visible again.

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