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Nice RC

worked very well for me. had to find out sometimes less is more. service was slow as always but reliable of course.

3- FPM

Just wanted to add to my review that it sounded like I was complaining about delivery time the way I worded my review. I was just giving fellow researchers a time frame for delivery if you are far away. Actually had no complaints about delivery or product.

Thank you for your purchase, Ivan! Glad to hear you got your orders but apologies for the delays too. We have no control with customs though but happy to hear your satisfaction. Have a good day!
surprisingly good.

Fairly potent,surprisingly good compound in my opinion.very good when it comes to daily tasks like learning for example.Short lasting unfortunately .in general good quality product.Thank you RCD

Very enjoyable

Slight euphoria, mostly working in the background, just enough to make your test subject smile, but not distracting in the least, allowing your test subject to work with top notch concentration and efficiency. Makes working enjoyable!


Very good product and super fast shipping was like 5 days

3-FPM 50mg Tablets

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3-Fluorophenmetrazine (also known as 3F-Phenmetrazine, PAL-593, and 3-FPM) is a novel stimulant substance of the phenylmorpholine class. 3-FPM is a derivative of phenmetrazine, a once-popular stimulant substance that was clinically used as an anorectic in Europe in the 1950s. It produces its activity by increasing the levels of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine in the brain.

The synthesis and pharmacology of 3-FPM was first reported in a patent filed in 2011. Reports of human use first surfaced in early 2015 after it appeared for sale on the online research chemical market.

User reports indicate that 3-FPM produces classical stimulant effects comparable to those of amphetamine. Common effects include stimulation, enhanced focus and motivation, thought acceleration, and euphoria. Many reports describe 3-FPM as having a relatively subtle and controlled stimulant effect which produces less nervousness, insomnia and euphoria than other stimulants, which makes it suitable as a study-aid or productivity-enhancer.

Very little data exists about the pharmacological properties, metabolism, and toxicity of 3-FPM. Due to the lack of information on its properties, it is highly advised to use harm reduction practices if using this substance.

3-Fluorophenmetrazine (3-FPM) is a synthetic molecule of the amphetamine family. Molecules of the amphetamine class contain a phenethylamine core featuring a phenyl ring bound to an amino (NH2) group through an ethyl chain with an additional methyl substitution at Rα. Amphetamines are alpha-methylated phenethylamines. 3-FPM contains a fluorine atom attached at R3 of the phenyl ring. Additionally, part of its amphetamine skeleton is incorporated into a morpholine ring. At R2 of its chain, an oxygen group is bound -- this oxygen group is linked by an ethyl chain to the terminal amine of the amphetamine chain to form a morpholine group. 3-FPM is a fluorinated derivative of phenmetrazine. is your best vendor for 3-FPM!

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